Bomb Peach Flowers

Bomb Peach Flowers

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The Checkered Collection is inspired by nature, design, music, and culture. Using soft colors, the collection complements most outfits and provides a classic touch.     

  • Fall vibes  
  • Timeless 
  • Bold!  
  • Lite weight
  • Dressy or casual

    * All polymer clay earrings weigh around 1 oz, so your lobes will thank you!*

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    • Earrings that lastAll of our earrings are made with the highest quality Polymer Clay, which is extremely lightweight and very durable. The earrings are designed to bend slightly and will not shatter if dropped.
    • Earrings made for your sensitive earsThe backs of our earrings are made from a hypoallergenic metal, great for those extra sensitive ears.
    • Heads up: Due to the nature of our handmade earrings, please note that there might be a slight difference in color and shape in each pair. This applies especially to marbling designs and patterns. We try our very best to make them as exact and close to the photos, but cannot make any guarantees.
    • Handle your earrings carefullyPlease note: Polymer Clay is very durable, but try not to bend them with force. Do not wear earrings in water as this could jeopardize the longevity of your earrings. To clean, use a damp Q-Tip with acetone or use a Clorox Wipe. Store in a safe place to not get scratched or bent.